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Talking About Duct Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Edward McLaughlin. I am going to use my site to talk about duct cleaning and repair. The ducts running through your home send hot or cold air to each room in an effort to control temperatures. The temperature the system strives to achieve is set at the thermostat. Without cleaning and repairing the ducts, the air will fail to flow to the proper location, keeping temperatures at improper levels. I will talk about the different tools and techniques used by HVAC contractors to maintain and fix the ducts. Please feel free to use the information on my site to keep your ductwork in perfect shape. Thanks for visiting.

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How Your HVAC System Improves Your Home's Air Quality

With wildfire smoke traveling across large sections of the country, it may not be until now that you realize the importance of the air quality in your home. Thankfully, this is an area where your HVAC system can really help you out. Here are a few ways that your HVAC system improves your overall air quality


The key to having great air quality is proper ventilation since stale air needs to leave the space at some point. Otherwise, all that air will be sealed in your home and keep being recycled. The HVAC system helps remove contaminants like VOCs, allergens, and dust to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air, but there is only so much it can do, which is why ventilation helps keep the air clean.

Air Filtration

Your HVAC system's air filter helps collect all of the small particles that are in the air, with there being a variety of different filters that you can pick from. Higher rated filters are going to remove even smaller particles., which keeps the air free of pollen, pet dander, dust, and other airborne particles. 

There will come a point where the air filter needs to be replaced, because it will no longer be effective at filtering air that passes through it. Air will find a way around the air filter, the filter will be ineffective at doing its job, and air flow will be reduced. Follow the manufacturer's directions and replace the air filter on time.

Humidity Control

One of the nice things about an HVAC system is its ability to control the humidity in your home. This is done by removing water or incorporating water into the air, which depends on the time of year. Summer weather tends to be a bit more humid, and a dehumidifier can work to remove that humidity as the air passes through the air handler. A humidifier can be used to add humidity to the air in the winter when the air is dry, which is done by having the air pass through a filter with water dripping over it.

Advanced Techniques

You can always take things a step further with more advanced techniques to improve air quality. There are UV lights you can install in the ductwork that get rid of airborne pathogens, electric air cleaners that will capture the smallest particles, and activated carbon filters that help remove odors from the air.