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Talking About Duct Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Edward McLaughlin. I am going to use my site to talk about duct cleaning and repair. The ducts running through your home send hot or cold air to each room in an effort to control temperatures. The temperature the system strives to achieve is set at the thermostat. Without cleaning and repairing the ducts, the air will fail to flow to the proper location, keeping temperatures at improper levels. I will talk about the different tools and techniques used by HVAC contractors to maintain and fix the ducts. Please feel free to use the information on my site to keep your ductwork in perfect shape. Thanks for visiting.

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5 Steps To Fix An Air Conditioning Unit

Do you have an air conditioning unit in your home that is not working properly? You are not alone. Today, many people are dealing with the same situation as you, and they do not know what to do about it; hence, they pay for expensive repairs or replacements. However, you can take some of these steps to conduct air conditioning repairs before it becomes a major problem. 

1. Check Your Dirty Air Filter

Homeowners often overlook the air filter, but it is vital for the proper functioning of an air conditioning unit. Dirty filters block coolant from reaching and cooling your home's air. Changing a dirty air filter can help improve airflow within your air conditioning system, making the unit more efficient. You should do this every month or two, depending on the type of filter you have.

2. Clean the Condenser Coils Outside the Unit

The coils are on the outside of your air conditioning unit. You will know them by looking for a metal tube in proximity to an outdoor fan. They should also be relatively easy to reach. If you cannot access these parts from inside the air conditioning housing, some debris may be blocking the airflow. Remove any visible blockages and replace the air filter.

3. Clean Out Any Debris Around the Unit

Inspecting these areas can help find any hidden problems. If you notice a leak, it is essential to turn off the air conditioning unit and contact an air conditioning repair service as soon as possible. If there is debris blocking airflow to your condenser fan or filter, now could be a good time to clean them out. 

4. Ensure There Are No Objects Blocking Vents

These can cause back-flow and block airflow to your unit, preventing it from cooling as well. If you have trees or other objects blocking airflow near your air conditioning units, make sure they are trimmed.

5. Replace Any Leaking or Broken Parts

If you see signs of mold or mildew on your air conditioning unit, have that cleaned. Make sure there are no apparent leaks in the compressor head gasket and replace if necessary. It may also be a time for an air conditioner tune-up to extend the life of your system.

Carefully following these steps will help you fix your air conditioning unit. If the problem persists, it may be time to call in a professional for air conditioning repair services.